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Jan. 25 2012

Pop socks

By Judith Krummeck | Posted in Host Blogs | 2 Comments

If you think that Mark has sounded blue or Dyana has sounded green the past couple of days, it’s not because they are, respectively, sad or sick, it’s that all the WBJC announcers now have individualized multicolored pop socks.  (For the uninitiated, a pop sock is the cover that goes over a microphone to minimize the popping when we speak into the mic.)  Everyone is too polite to say so, but I suspect that it’s all my fault.  The redoubtable GM of WBJC handed out the multicolored pop socks, like handing out candy, shortly after I had that respiratory infection a couple of weeks ago.  So, listen for Reed to sound orange, Kati to sound yellow and Jonathan to sound purple.  As for me?  Well, it seems I’m the traditionalist around here: I’m black.




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