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Jan. 19 2012

As natural as … breathing

By Judith Krummeck | Posted in Host Blogs | Comments Off on As natural as … breathing

You know how it is that until you get a paper cut you have no idea how much you use that particular finger?  Well, until I fractured a rib during my brush with suspected whooping cough last week (when my angelic colleagues, Mark, Dyana and Reed, worked extra long hours to cover for me!) I had no idea how much one’s ribcage is the center of one’s bodily universe.  The Internet tells me that “A stress fracture caused by coughing is most common in women.”  Who knew?  And why, one wonders?  In any event, I am here to tell you that you feel your ribcage when you tilt your head back, when you put on a coat, when you ride in a car – and I won’t even mention breathing, coughing or (God help me!) sneezing.  “Take deep breaths at least once an hour to avoid the risk of pneumonia” said the physician blithely.  I guess it’s lucky I’m not a brass player!


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