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Jul. 01 2020

Sing – It’s Good For You!

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Engaging with music, whether that means listening to it or performing it, has been shown to have numerous health benefits including stress reduction, improved cognition, reduced anxiety, and elevated moods. Artistic Director Jeanne Kelly founded Encore Creativity for Older Adults in 2007 to give singers age 55 and older a chance to perform music that’s […]

Jun. 30 2020

A (Virtual) Walk In The Park

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Access to green space is vital to mental and physical health for people of all ages. Recently, I spoke with Dr. Franklin Lance, President and CEO of the Parks and People Foundation, whose mission is to connect the citizens of Baltimore with nature, particularly younger residents. The COVID-19 crisis has created some unique challenges for […]

Oct. 08 2014

Should corporate sponsors butt out of opera?

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It seems a conflict of interest is keeping one of the most beloved works in the operatic repertoire off the stage at West Australia Opera, at least for the next couple of seasons. Before you click on the following link from Limelight, please note that I have my own biases in this case:  I’m a […]

Jan. 19 2012

As natural as … breathing

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You know how it is that until you get a paper cut you have no idea how much you use that particular finger?  Well, until I fractured a rib during my brush with suspected whooping cough last week (when my angelic colleagues, Mark, Dyana and Reed, worked extra long hours to cover for me!) I […]