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Sep. 03 2012

9-3-12 Word On Wine…Ramato?

By Jonathan Palevsky | Posted in Host Blogs, Word on Wine | Comments Off on 9-3-12 Word On Wine…Ramato?

What on earth is Ramato…my first guess would be some sort of Japanese delicacy!  Wrong again damn it!  Actually Ramato is kind of Rose but  backwards.  The way you make rose is to take red grapes and leave the juice with the skins just long enough to achieve only a pale  color.  The way you make Ramato is to take a white  grape like Pino Grigio and leave it on the skins long enough to acquire some color!  This results in a very, very pale rose…imagine a very faint orange color even fainter than those in Province.


1)2011 Attems Cupra Ramato.  This pale Pinot Grigio hails from Venezia Giulia and will cost you $19.  Mary didn’t care much for it…I found it super drinkable…maybe a little too drinkable.

2)2011 Exit from Palazzone.  This wine hailed from Umbria and it is a tad confusing because Exit is written backwards!  (It took me a while to figure that one out!) $16.50 and really worth it!  We both loved this zippy little sipper!  You will too!

Check out the show by clicking below.

Word On Wine Ramato!

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