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Aug. 27 2012

8-27-12 Word On Wine Review Piemonte Red Sampler!

By Jonathan Palevsky | Posted in Host Blogs, Word on Wine | Comments Off on 8-27-12 Word On Wine Review Piemonte Red Sampler!

This week Mary and I review three reds from Piemonte all of which are iconic!

1)2009 Dante Rivetti Barbera D’alba.  $21.  “I like Barbera”,  says Mary…I replied, “It likes you too!”.  Indeed this is a great light red with some decent punch.  Great with dinner,  great on its own.

2)2007 Chionetti Dolcetto.  $23.  What is Dolcetto?  Is it a light sipper is it a wild and crazy Italian wine?…this one had both things going for it!

3)2009 Cascina Chico Langhe Nebbiolo.  $25.  It’s hard to find a good Nebbiolo at this price and this was a good one.  It’s not Barbaresco or Barolo but it’s a good example of this noble grape you can drink now.  Enjoy with Beef.  Click below and check out our review.

Piemonte Red Sampler

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