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Nov. 15 2012

11-15-12 Word On Wine “Sweetness!”

By Jonathan Palevsky | Posted in Host Blogs, Word on Wine | Comments Off on 11-15-12 Word On Wine “Sweetness!”

This week Mary and I continue our adventures in alternative wine tasting by examining sweetness.  Tis not in ourselves but in our wines!  Our first task is to make lemonade!  (Yea!)

Here’s the experiment.  Take a 16 oz glass, fill with 8 oz. water and squeeze the juice of two lemons into it!  Taste…Yuck!

Now start adding sugar by the teaspoon and see where you think the sugar balances out the acidity.  Once you get things where you like feel free to stop or add some vodka for extra flavor.  (Mary doesn’t know about the vodka part!)

Now try the experiment with three different types of Rieslings, one dry the other off dry and the third sweet.  Before you do that…check out our show by clicking on the link below.

Word On Wine Sweetness!

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