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Jun. 27 2012

Sounds of Summer

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There are certain pop songs or classical pieces that will always make me think of summer. One is Prince’s “Raspberry Beret”, which I heard on my way to work this morning & thought – perfect! Not only do the song’s flippant lyrics & upbeat tempo seem appropriate for warm weather & sunny skies, the album […]

Jun. 07 2012

Can flash mobs save classical music?

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Classical music fans are constantly searching for ways to introduce this wonderful art form to others. Those of us who make a living by writing, performing, teaching, or *ahem* playing the stuff on the radio tend to feel an extra sense of urgency – not only would we like to attract new fans, we want […]

May. 24 2012

They Say You Never Forget Your First Time…

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But, it seems I have. I honestly can’t recall the first time I heard classical music, at least not in the sense of being able to pinpoint a specific moment. I do, however, have a pretty good idea of who introduced me to classical music – actually, to opera. He has long ears, buck teeth, […]

Apr. 06 2012

Une Voyageuse Fabuleux

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    The Charles Theater is presenting The Metropolitan Opera’s live HD broadcast of Massenet’s Manon tomorrow & I’ll be on hand to greet audience members, hand out “swag”, & enjoy the show. Not a bad way to spend a Saturday, right? It gets better. Sara Stewart, a wonderful, talented woman who’s a member of […]

Feb. 24 2012

Opera on-screen!

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While skimming friends’ Facebook posts this morning, I came across a few comments relating to Placido Domingo & Stephen Colbert having sung Verdi’s La Donna e Mobile on last night’s “Colbert Report.” Having missed the broadcast, I immediately Googled the performance & was delighted with the video I found. Both men sound great & look […]

Jan. 26 2012

Getting away to it all

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I’m not one to sit around on vacation. I love my job, but it does entail spending most of my workday in a small room with a bunch of electronics, & I’m a pretty sociable person, & not very sedentary,  so when I leave town for a few days, I need to be somewhere with […]

Nov. 28 2011

12/03/11 Rodelinda – George Frideric Handel 1:00 PM

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sung in Italian Librettist: Nicola Haym Conductor: Harry Bicket Approximate running time 3 hrs. 50 min. Sensational in the 2004 Met premiere of Stephen Wadsworth’s much-heralded production, Renée Fleming reprises the title role. She’s joined by Stephanie Blythe and countertenor Andreas Scholl, and Baroque specialist Harry Bicket conducts. Cast Rodelinda: Renée Fleming Eduige: Stephanie Blythe […]

Nov. 16 2011

The curtain has fallen…

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I can’t believe Lyric Opera Baltimore’s “La Traviata” has been over for 10 days, but alas, it has. We had very good houses & appreciative audiences despite some rather nasty technical glitches that delayed our opening night performance by about half an hour. Reviews were largely positive & at this point, all seems to bode […]

Nov. 04 2011

Opening night, but no jitters… yet!

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Baltimore, are you ready for some opera? Lyric Opera Baltimore’s “La Traviata” opens tonight & I am as excited as a five-year-old on the night before Christmas. So many people have worked so hard to start this brand-new company, but in my opinion, the biggest kudos should go to the fabulous James Harp, LOB’s Artistic […]

Nov. 03 2011

Production week: it’s not for sissies

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More news from Lyric Opera Baltimore’s “La Traviata”: we’ve been on the Lyric’s stage since last Friday & had a fabulous final dress rehearsal with an audience (mostly students from area schools, but also some friends & family of cast members) last night. The audience certainly seemed to enjoy the show; we received such enthusiastic […]