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Mar. 28 2012

Poulenc plays!

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I went along to the Candlelight Concert at Second Presbyterian Church on Sunday evening especially to hear Francis Poulenc’s Sextet for Piano and Winds with members of the Baltimore Symphony and Sylvie Beaudoin.  Poulenc was pretty much self taught, and he learned from the music that he liked.  He said his gods were Bach, Mozart, […]

Feb. 27 2012

Flying with Twyla

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Twyla Tharp – for a start, isn’t that a wonderful name to conjure with?  (Her parents clearly had a vivid imagination—her younger sister’s name is Twanette.)  I’ve known of Twyla Tharp’s work, peripherally, for years, and loosely associated her with Martha Graham, Merce Cunningham, Paul Taylor—that style and period of choreographers—but I had never seen […]

Feb. 14 2012


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By “univocal” I’m not referring to a singular song but to a form of writing that is constrained by using just a single vowel, like “No cool monsoons blow soft on Oxford dons” (credit to the 19th century poet, C.C Bombaugh).  The best known contemporary example is by the Canadian poet, Christian Bök, who has […]

Feb. 06 2012

2012 Winter Pledge Drive

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What a great pledge drive! I am always touched and amazed at how you, the listener, steps up and stands for what you care about.  It’s truly during the pledge drives when I am reminded that we do something that matters to a great many people.  From the volunteers who spend their precious time taking […]

Jan. 30 2012

The Gaming Table

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Restoration comedy—the stuff of sexual innuendo and other extravagances following the reopening of the London theatres by Charles II—is most famously represented by writers like John Dryden and William Congreve.  (I once played the silly, awkward, country girl, Miss Prue, in Congreve’s Love for Love when I was a drama student – imagine that!) But, […]

Jan. 25 2012

Pop socks

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If you think that Mark has sounded blue or Dyana has sounded green the past couple of days, it’s not because they are, respectively, sad or sick, it’s that all the WBJC announcers now have individualized multicolored pop socks.  (For the uninitiated, a pop sock is the cover that goes over a microphone to minimize […]

Oct. 27 2011

I get paid to play dress-up. Oh, yeah, and sing.

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When I was a kid,”dress-up” was undoubtedly my favorite playtime activity. I had a huge stash of my mom’s old costume jewelry & purchased more of the stuff (plus various used bridesmaid’s dresses) at garage sales, so my friends & I could spend hours pretending to be royalty or characters from our favorite TV shows. […]

Oct. 25 2011

I have a tambourine…

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& I’m not afraid to use it. Well, maybe a little bit. It is commonly said that opera singers can’t act, & sometimes with good reason, but we are expected to give it our best shot. These days, no matter how good the voices onstage are, audiences have come to expect a bit of theater […]

Oct. 21 2011

Fall Fundraiser success!

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Our thanks to all of you who helped make our Fall pledge-drive a resounding success! The numbers are in: Our overall goal for the three days was $118k and we made $125k! We added 358 NEW members to the family and just over 1,000 of you helped us take care of business so we could […]

Oct. 20 2011

“Your voice is not an instrument, it is a…

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weapon!” So says James Harp, Artistic Director & Chorus Master at Lyric Opera Baltimore. Of course, the human voice is also capricious, delicate, & vulnerable to colds, allergies, & all manner of other irritants. Mine is the main reason I get paychecks, so I try to take good care of it. Those of us who […]