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Feb. 27 2015

Don’t Let Your Estate Planning Documents Make You a Target for Identity Theft

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Author:  Verena Meiser, Esq., Senior Associate—   Again and again, I meet with clients whose estate planning documents list their birthdates, names and social security numbers on the first page.  Since there is no need to include a social security number on any estate planning document, the practice of doing so represents unnecessary exposure and […]

Feb. 27 2015

Today’s Thought of the Day!

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Building flexibility into your estate plan involves considering the use of an independent special trustee provision.  Who will make extraordinary or momentous decisions in the event of changed or special circumstances?  Such decisions should be made by an independent fiduciary who stands at somewhat arms length from the trust and situation.  What are these decisions that […]

Feb. 11 2015

Trusts as Useful Estate Planning Tools

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This article was written by: Bridgette E. Becker, Esq., 443-393-7696     Revocable Trusts can be extremely effective estate planning tools.  Trusts can offer protection to those who you wish to leave assets to after you pass away.  When a Will is probated, those listed in the Will receive any bequest outright which may […]

Feb. 03 2015

Estate Planning Considerations for Non-Citizens of the U-S

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Written by Verena Meiser, Senior Associate, Elville and Associates Non-citizens need to be aware that some of the estate tax planning techniques commonly used for U.S. citizens are not available to them. Here are just some of the estate and gift tax differences an estate planning attorney can address and provide guidance for. (1) Gifting […]

Jan. 23 2015

The Importance of the Trustee and Estate Planning Attorney Relationship

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Olivia R. Holcombe-Volke, Esq., Associate- Elville and Associates writes: Recent changes in Maryland law highlight the importance of an ongoing relationship between a trustee and the attorney who drafted the trust document.  With the Maryland Trust Act going into effect on January 1, 2015, there are several new statutory requirements with which a Maryland trustee […]

Jan. 07 2015

Do You Contribute to Charity? Consider Continuing That Legacy Through Your Estate Plan

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By:  Bridgette E. Becker, Esq., Associate Attorney During the holiday season, many people become more conscious of charitable contributions or choose to make their yearly contributions as the calendar year comes to a close.  As estate planning attorneys, we counsel our clients that you do not only have the option to give to charities and […]

May. 30 2014

The Elville Center for the Musical Arts!

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  The attorneys and staff of Elville and Associates are proud to announce the launch of the firm’s new charitable organization – The Elville Center For The Musical Arts. The new Elville Center will be a 501(c)(iii) non-profit corporation that will partner with local and regional businesses such as Music and Arts, schools, and other […]

Mar. 07 2013

Estate and Gift Tax Update

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  The American Taxpayer Relief Act of 2012               A wonderful client of mine recently shared a joke with me.  I thought the joke so humorous, and later, so applicable to many situations in life, that I feel it bears telling again – here it is.  Two men (acquaintances) unexpectedly see each other at […]

Feb. 01 2013

Updates in Maryland Law

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              Maryland’s new General and Limited Power of Attorney Act – for decades, powers of attorney in Maryland were largely unregulated – evidenced by a dearth of statutory provisions in the Annotated Code of Maryland.  Subsequently, among many other problems, banks, brokerage firms, insurance companies, and other financial institutions could refuse to accept or […]

Jul. 09 2012

Best Estate Planning for Seniors

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A principle of good estate planning is that there is no “one size fits all” estate plan.  Every estate plan should be customized for the particular needs and desires of a family or individual whether or not the estate is “taxable” (in 2012, over one million dollars for state estate tax purposes, or over five […]