About Us

Founded in 1951, WBJC is a public, non-commercial radio station which broadcasts a 24 hours-a-day schedule of classical music and arts information programming at 91.5-FM. The station’s 50,000-watt signal reaches more than 200,000 listeners weekly across Maryland, the District of Columbia and portions of the surrounding states.

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Throughout the year, WBJC’s broadcast schedule includes locally produced and hosted classical music programming, interviews, and information about music, dance, drama, film and visual arts events occurring in Maryland and the surrounding region. WBJC regularly broadcasts programs featuring internationally renowned orchestras, opera companies and chamber ensembles such as the New York Philharmonic, Detroit and Cleveland orchestras and Music from Imperial Austria concert series; the Bayreuth Opera Festival and the Metropolitan Opera broadcasts. WBJC’s schedule also includes a number of unique programs produced in its own studios such as Past Masters, Face the Music, Vocalise, Toccata, Word On Wine and the WBJC Operafest.




Baltimore City Community College Board of Trustees Open Meetings / WBJC Policy

The Baltimore City Community College Board of Trustees holds monthly open meetings to discuss and transact College business. As the College is the license holder of WBJC, the Board oversees the radio station and includes WBJC on the agenda of some monthly meetings.

WBJC will post on its website, the dates, times and locations of each open meeting that includes WBJC business, at least one week prior to each meeting.
If an individual wishes to be notified of these meetings through other means, they may call WBJC’s general office number @ 410-580-5800 and provide their phone, e-mail or regular mailing address information.

Please note that the process to address the Board or its committees at a scheduled meeting requires that the individual or group submit a written request to the President of BCCC at least 48 hours before the scheduled meeting. The request shall be acted upon by the Chair, who may, at his or her discretion, deny it, grant it, or grant it subject to limitations on the scope or time of presentation. No individual or group shall be entitled to address the Board or its Committees unless the subject is deemed appropriate by the Chair and the duration of the presentation does not exceed limits imposed by the Chair. The Chair may refer the request to the President or a standing committee for follow-up and recommendations.


Joseph Hutchins, WBJC’s general manager can be reached directly by:

email: jhutchins@bccc.edu
phone: 410-580-5801

Joseph Hutchins, c/o WBJC
6776 Reisterstown Road, Suite 202
Baltimore MD 21215