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Oct. 02 2023

Technology Upgrades at WBJC!

By Richard Miles | Posted in Host Blogs, Membership | Comments Off on Technology Upgrades at WBJC!

It has been a busy few weeks here at WBJC as the engineering crew has been upgrading our facility.

Dyana Neal puts the new audio console through its paces!

The first project was to replace the audio console in our air studio.  The consoles that were installed across all of our studios when we moved into this facility in 2005 were best in class first generation digital gear.  It is a testament to their quality that we’re still using them almost 20 years later!  However, finding parts for them is becoming a struggle.  We are putting a plan in place to revamp all four of our studios in the coming year, but we had to get a jump on the air studio when we lost that console.

So, we’ve purchased and installed a small console that will be used in the air studio until the larger four studio project is complete.  At that point, this smaller console will transition to a production studio and be replaced with a larger model.

The air staff is thrilled to be out of production room 1 and back in the air studio and also happy to have three available production rooms again!

Our second project last week was the replacement of the aging satellite dish on the roof of our studio building.

The new dish being assembled!

Over three days, the crew assembled the new dish and got it up to the roof with one crane while waiting for the availability of an even larger crane to remove the old dish and lift the new one into place.  The new dish was then pointed towards the NPR satellite and all the associated electronics connected as the old dish was disassembled and taken to the landfill.  With this new dish, the internet will go back to being the redundancy for our broadcast of live programs like the Metropolitan Opera!


Small crane arrives to put the dish on the roof of The Plaza.


We are so grateful to the WBJC engineering staff and the dish installers from LinkUp Communications Corp and look forward to another 20 plus years of service from this new equipment!

the large crane arrives

Operations Director and host Kati Harrison supervises the installation.

Doug and Robert finishing the installation.

The old dish is down and ready to be disposed of.

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