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Jan. 27 2020

So two Norwegians walk into a radio station…

By Dyana Neal | Posted in Host Blogs, Interviews, WBJC Programs | Comments Off on So two Norwegians walk into a radio station…

Well, one of us (Yours Truly) was already here. When I set up my recent interview with Tim Holtan, Artistic Director of the Maryland Winds, I had no idea I’d be meeting someone who’d grown up just two hours from my childhood hometown. That may not sound like a big deal unless you consider that we grew up in North Dakota, a state whose population is roughly the same as that of Baltimore City! The Norwegian flag logo on Tim’s jacket tipped me off that I might be in the presence of a fellow Scandinavian. We had a friendly chat that included an “uff da” reference or two before getting down to business and talking about The Maryland Winds’ upcoming concert, which celebrates diversity.

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