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Apr. 07 2020


By Yvonne Allen | Posted in Membership, Staff Blogs | 2 Comments

There isn’t anything I can say that hasn’t already been said in the media or from your family and friends about our safety in this environment. I think of you all often and pray that you all are doing the right things and staying well. I have faith in a higher power and this too shall pass.

What I want our listeners to do is to stay safe, follow the guidelines of the government and don’t be afraid. Even when we feel that we are alone, we are not. Stay connected to your friends and family members. When you don’t have family or friends nearby, let WBJC be your source of comfort.

I find that music has been a source of comfort for many of you from the letters we’ve received from some of you. So what I say to you all with all my love, listen to WBJC and find comfort in the music.

Keep your focus on peace, power, joy and the love of music.

Stay well all of you.


Yvonne Allen


Yvonne Allen is WBJC's Membership Director and can be reached at 410-580-5800 or yallen@bccc.edu.

2 Responses to COVID-19

  • Wilmina Sydnor says:

    I loved reading each blog from the entire staff – but especially your direction “Keep your focus on peace, power, joy and the love of music.” That is exactly what’s keeping me sane in this less than sane time. Thank heavens for WBJC!

  • Robert Blackshaw says:

    Yvonne [lease know that my sustaining membership will remain unchanged. I had hoped to increase it but as half my income originates in Canada recent oil squabbles have not exactly done the Canadian dollar any favours. However above all else please all of my WBJC family – be safe.


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