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Mar. 25 2020

Meet My New Colleagues!

By Dyana Neal | Posted in Host Blogs | 2 Comments

Okay, OUR new colleagues. WBJC’s on-air personnel are the only humans coming to work at this point, but we have some exciting new staff members who have been working super hard to keep us all safe. Aren’t they photogenic? They get quite a workout several times a day disinfecting countertops, door handles, the sound board, phones, and other equipment.

We’re not taking COVID-19 lightly around here. The office staff is working from home, or WFH, as it’s often abbreviated online, and the announcers are scrupulously observing the “6-foot rule” while we’re here. We’ve had a number of kind and supportive Facebook messages, emails, and phone calls from listeners thanking us for being here, but hey, it’s what we do! We’re always glad to be here for you, now more than ever.

At home, my husband and I have been making the best of the situation – going running together in the morning, re-bingeing “Boardwalk Empire”, and spending a lot of time snuggling our cats, Fabrizio and Ava. I’ve been working on a sewing project or two – trying very hard to “stash bust” rather than succumbing to online fabric and pattern store temptations – and have gotten reasonably good at making homemade soup stock since that’s been one of the harder-to-find grocery items lately. We’re trying to limit our takeout orders as we’d like to come out of this a bit thinner, or at least the same size, but we also want to support beloved local restaurants.

Music has always been tremendously important in my life. When I was a kid, my family took a lot of road trips, and the radio was always on, or if the reception was spotty, my parents would pop an 8-track tape (remember those?) into the car stereo. At home, I had my own collection of 45s and LPs from an early age and also made off with my older sister’s records when she was out with friends. As technology moved on, so did I, to cassettes, CDs, and various portable devices that could play them. Music is a friend – a source of comfort, wit, joy, and so much more – that’s never let me down. I hope WBJC’s programming always meets your needs, but especially now. If you’ve heard something on the station that’s meant a lot to you recently, we’d love to know what it was. Thanks again for your kind words and support. Please stay safe and stay tuned!

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