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Mar. 26 2020

A few thoughts during an uncertain time.

By Mark Malinowski | Posted in Host Blogs | 11 Comments

The coronavirus pandemic has changed a lot of things for many of us.  some are staying indoors, others have little choice but to go to work, and many of things we have been taking for granted are sorely missed.  It has changed the way many organizations have to do business, as well.  Some are operating in a very limited way (curbside, takeout, etc) others are closed completely.  Fortunately, our state and federal government are working on assistance packages for those hardest hit.   Although you may not notice it on your radio, a few things are different around WBJC.  For one thing, Baltimore City Community College has ordered all non-essential personnel to stay home and “tele-work.”  The college is conducting classes on line for the students.  What that means for WBJC is that for the most part, there will rarely be more than one person here at the station, and that will be the on air announcer.  Our membership department may come in from time to time, but the office will be empty for the most part.  Additionally, it looks like our May fundraiser will not be taking place, at least not in the normal sense.  Our conference room doesn’t allow for “social distancing,” and bringing in a group of volunteers at this time would be ill-advised, at best.  We will be doing some online fundraising, and you may hear announcements from time to time about that, and we all certainly hope you can get involved with that.  We here at WBJC have great faith in you, our listeners and members, and feel confident that all will be well.

On a personal level, I am of a certain age and have a chronic lung condition (COPD), which puts me in the “high risk” group.  I am being careful whenever I go out, and never travel without my pre-packaged alcohol wipes and hand sanitizer.  I hope that you are taking all the precautions necessary, as well.  Take care of yourselves and each other, and remember, if you have an elderly relative or neighbor, check in on them from time to time.  Sometimes a simple phone call can make all the difference.  Thanks for your continuing support, and thanks for listening!



Mark Malinowski


Mark is WBJC's morning host. His full bio can be read here.

11 Responses to A few thoughts during an uncertain time.

  • David says:

    Hello Mark.
    Thank you for your continuing service.

    I will contact you soon about an NSBW message. I know while things are on lockdown folks aren’t planning any Boating excursions but I’ll bet everyone is eager to get back on the water. I just hope they remember to be safe.

    Meanwhile Health be with you and stay Safe.

    David M Hyde

  • Eileen Pollock says:

    Dear Mark,
    Thank you for sharing your thoughtful remarks. We all are experiencing not just displacement, but fear of a deadly disease. My piece on the situation appeared in the Baltimore Sun on Monday, April 6 and it’s also online. Search if you’d like the word “hibernate”. Meanwhile, continue your good work. I gave a smaller donation than last time because of the press of economic conditions. We hope things will go back to normal and prosperity and health.
    Eileen Pollock

  • Linda says:

    Sending greetings from the mountains of north central Maryland … this is really Socially Distanced! 😊 Thank you for being there, lifting our spirits and soothing our ragged nerves during this challenging time! You are all even more appreciated than usual, and that’s saying a lot! I will certainly be sending a donation… WBJC is a bargain at any price!! … Be safe, stay well, take care!

  • Gabrielle says:

    Greetings from PA! We found your station (beloved WBJC) back in the 70s while in Baltimore (med sch, hubby) but subsequently traversed the country (serving—PHS, AF) w/o you. We’re now retired in PA (not far from state line)— and how sweet it is to reconnect. We love your soothing voice (and musical selections)!
    Take care & take C (won’t hurt, and will probably help 😊!

  • William Cowell says:

    Hello Mark, I can relate to your comments as I am sitting here at home – a “High Risk” government employee (only got one and a half lungs). Met you years ago, although you would have no reason to remember this. I am glad to hear that you are well now and I certainly hope you stay that way. WBJC is a real benefit to us – the music is good and it is an alternative to the dismal reporting on other stations. I believe part of staying well is our mental outlook.
    Take care of yourself – want to hear your voice for many more years.

  • Amy Peck says:

    Good morning, Mark,

    Thanks for all you do. You are a remarkable presence, with a beautiful voice and great anecdotes. It always sounds as though you have known the composers personally and really get a kick out of them!

    I hope you are well and happy.

  • John Bay says:

    Mark –

    In times like these you look for good news wherever you can find it. I’d guess that many if not all your listeners are aware of this, but for the record there’s free music to be had. A couple of examples: 1. “Nightly Met Opera Streams,” a free series of encore Live in HD presentations streamed on the company website during the coronavirus closure, and 2. The Philharmonie Berlin is closed until 19 April to help contain the coronavirus. But the orchestra will continue to play for you – in the Digital Concert Hall. The Berliner Philharmoniker invite you to visit their virtual concert hall free of charge. Probably there are others.

  • Mildred Rust says:

    I just thought to add that BSO is also providing various musical ideas and projects online, like individual orchestral members playing their own thing. Also, I enjoy Mark’s anecdotes, they are not only often fun, but educational. He helps us keep the whole history of classical music, the big picture, as well as helping us enjoy each piece. Thank you Mark!

  • Virginia Stein says:

    Your voice wakes me up every morning, & all is not right when you’re away. Although I studied at Peabody, your insightful & fascinating commentaries teach me new facts everyday. Love your personal anecdotes! Your calmness & humor are always deeply appreciated, esp. now. Thanks for being here for us!

  • Cynthia Bravo, Upper Marlboro, MD says:

    A day is not normal without Mark in the morning. Been listening for decades and I’m grateful for every day. Thanks, Mark.

  • Kevin Gardner says:

    Thank you, Mr. Malinowski, and I hope you continue to stay well and safe. And I know since you posted these comments that you’ve continued to express your comiseration during your morning programs. Maybe it’s just me, but after you read the news headlines about all the deaths and the governor’s latest restrictions, it’s a bit jarring to hear you then turn right around and say “and I hope your day is off to a great start on this fine Thursday.”

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