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May. 14 2019

Growing up Bernstein: What was it like?

By Dyana Neal | Posted in Host Blogs, Interviews, WBJC Programs | Comments Off on Growing up Bernstein: What was it like?

NOTE: Alas, I’ve been informed that the event referred to in this interview has been canceled. I still highly recommend reading Ms.Bernstein’s book and checking out the Soulful Symphony!

Last year, en route to my high school reunion, I read – no, devoured – “Famous Father Girl: A Memoir of Growing up Bernstein,” Jamie Bernstein’s fabulous, funny, and often eyebrow-raising account of life with “Lenny.” Next Tuesday, Sinai Hospital and the Sinai Mitzvah Foundation will present “Famous Father Girl: An Evening with Jamie Bernstein” at the Gordon Center in Owings Mills. The event will feature music and storytelling by Ms. Bernstein and special guest Darin Atwater, a Baltimore-based composer and founder of the Soulful Symphony. Recently, I chatted with Mr. Atwater about American “roots music”, pieces he’s written, and our (vastly different!) first encounters with Leonard Bernstein’s works.

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