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Jun. 01 2019

First Impression: …that was a thing

By John Scherch | Posted in First Impression, Host Blogs, New Music | Comments Off on First Impression: …that was a thing

I don’t think, at this point, I need to expand on what’s been going on with the BSO. Needless to say, this is not the news I expected to give when I said there would be more about the BSO New Music Festival coming up, which is of course no longer coming up. I have my opinions on this matter, on which I will not expand here. Meanwhile, since there was to be a large event concerning new music that was going to be hard to compete against (and when a major orchestra is promoting new music, why compete with it?), there is not much to report this month. My hope is that, in coming months, more new music comes up to fill the void left by withdrawn programming that would have been excellent on multiple levels.


Pique Collective continues its Detach Mode series, pairing meditation with deep listening to music provided by the ensemble. The upcoming show, on June 7th at Open Works Baltimore, features a Make Your Own Eye Mask session for 4-7 for the concert from 7-8. $10 at the door.


Symphony Number One presents the Axios trio, performing Beethoven’s Gassenhauer trio, Nino Rota’s trio for clarinet, cello, and piano, and Kinan Azmeh’s 2016 work The Fence, The Rooftop, and The Distant Sea. This show is tonight (! June 1) at 5:30 at Flavor in Mt. Vernon.


As you might have read last month, this is not new music, but a new take on Handel’s Serse paired with readings of texts by Persian poet Rumi. More importantly, the company, The In Series, is doing the exact right thing with opera. At least according to Anne Midgette. They’ll be performing at the Atlas Performing Arts Center in DC and at Baltimore Theatre Project.

That’s unfortunately all I’ve got this month. Let me know if there’s anything else happening.

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