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Mar. 09 2016

Clara Rockmore’s 105th birthday – Google Doodle

By Diana Ross | Posted in Staff Blogs | Comments Off on Clara Rockmore’s 105th birthday – Google Doodle

Today’s interactive Google Doodle celebrates the 105th birthday of musician Clara Rockmore.

from the Google Doodle blog:

“Clara Rockmore made music from thin air. Trained from a young age as a violinist, Rockmore ultimately gave up the violin due to physical strain. This led her to discover the theremin, a gesture-controlled instrument named after its inventor, Léon Theremin. Not only did Rockmore become the instrument’s most well-known performer, she also influenced its development. She convinced Theremin that it should be made more responsive and offer a greater range of notes (5 octaves instead of 3). Though electronic music was uncommon in formal music settings in the 1930s, Rockmore performed as a soloist with the New York Philharmonic, the Philadelphia Orchestra, and the Toronto Symphony.”

Click the image to go to the Google page to try it out!


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