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Dec. 03 2014

Extended absence – Judith Krummeck

By Judith Krummeck | Posted in Host Blogs, WBJC News | 27 Comments

A number of listeners have been kind enough inquire about my extended absence, and I think an explanation is overdue!

In late September, I suffered a torn and detached retina in my left eye, and had to have emergency surgery, which required an extended period of recuperation. In November, I took a long-planned vacation back home in Africa, fully intending to return to WBJC on the Monday before Thanksgiving. However, towards the end of my vacation, I noticed that my vision had had become blurred and distorted, and when I consulted my retinal specialist immediately on my return, he found that scar tissue had developed on my retina. Because the scar tissue had caused my sight to deteriorate so quickly, he decided to operate immediately to remove it. So, instead of being back at WBJC on Monday, I found myself back in the operating room at GBMC. My hope had been to return to WBJC today, but when I went for a post operative check up yesterday, the retinal specialist found that the scar tissue was continuing to proliferate aggressively, and in order to stop it from forming on my macular, and taking my vision in that eye, he again performed emergency surgery yesterday afternoon.

Now, my hope is to return to WBJC the week of December 15th. Please keep your fingers crossed! I miss you.

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Judith is WBJC's afternoon host. Her full bio can be read here.

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