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Feb. 23 2014

Sublime Shaham

By Judith Krummeck | Posted in Host Blogs | Comments Off on Sublime Shaham

There are not many violinists, I think, who could pull off standing alone on a bare stage playing solo Bach, but Gil Shaham is certainly one of them. There are so many layers – simply remembering that volume of music; the technical facility to master the music; the ear to achieve that true intonation; a sweet tone. Then add to that, his truly remarkable and engaging musicality. The Andante of the 2nd Violin Sonata would seem unplayable, if I hadn’t witnessed him playing it – if I closed my eyes, it was like two people playing! Then to top it all, once he has finished playing, he simply smiles at us as if he is sharing a confidence – which I suppose he is in a way. It was a sublime experience.

Gil Shaham


















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