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Mar. 13 2013

Thank you Volunteers!

By Yvonne Allen | Posted in Membership | No Comments

We truly could not do it without you! We really appreciate all your hard work during the Winter Drive.

Bert Katz
Patricia Martin
Russell Faust
Aimo Hill
Margret Bechtold
Wilmina Sydnor
Alida Verwey
Deborah Maeder
David Vaeth
John Cookson
Donna Cookson
Angela Heimert
Ron Eckles
Rick Fairbanks
Andrea Tabbet
Betty Stuckey
Dyane Fancey
John O’Hara
Ernest Silversmith
Marty King
Arna Margolis
Tom Neuhart
Norman Seidelman
Charles Pfeifer
Bob Jennings
Susan Brennan
Edith Gorsuch
Deborah Danz
Roy Danz
Dan Rice
Elaine Jacobs
Carol Oppenheim
David Leiberman
Eldon Miller
Judy Sammel
Michael Bodner
Paula Murphy
Clare Brunner
Jim Scott
Bob Landau
Sydell Landau
Ellen Podhajsky
Edward Podhajsky
Morris Milman
Walter Keys
Ed Zehler
Joanne Zehler
Judith Daffer
Rose Bramble

Yvonne Allen


Yvonne Allen is WBJC's Membership Director and can be reached at 410-580-5800 or yallen@bccc.edu.

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