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May. 16 2013

It’s a Girl!

By Dyana Neal | Posted in Host Blogs | 3 Comments

Whoops. I should have said, it’s a feline girl! This is how rumors get started! At any rate, I’m following up on my cat-related post of a few weeks ago by sharing some pictures of our new furbaby, Ava.

Checking out the sun porch, especially Mommy’s extensive array of bric-a-brac:

Ava kitty

That’s not an actual wedding pic, BTW. During a 2004 trip to Mexico, we got pulled into a comic “floor show” of sorts at a restaurant and were cast as the bride and groom in a shotgun wedding scene! Serves us right for letting the staff know we’re actors. But wait, you’re reading this for furry cuteness, not vacation stories, so here’s Ava looking rather Picasso-esque:

Ava Picasso

She’s about a year old and rarely stops moving, so photographing her can be quite a challenge.

Fabrizio warmed to his new baby sister very quickly, and she seems to think he’s okay, too. The two of them chase each other all over the house and have even taken up “All-Star Kitty Wrestling”, which was a favorite game of Winston’s and Carmen’s in their youth. Jim and I think this is the cutest thing ever, except when it happens in bed… at 3am… with Mommy and Daddy in the bed at the time!

All-Star Kitty Wrestling!

And yes, we do have the occasional “which cat are you?” moment. Ava is a bit thinner than Fabrizio and has green eyes with a yellowish tinge; his are pure yellow. She also has a white spot about the size of a quarter on her chest, so from the front, it’s easy to tell them apart. From behind, however… let’s just say one sometimes gets called by the other’s name.

I had quite a few names in mind for our new furball, but had to spend a little time with her before deciding. Eventually, I narrowed the list down to Lola, as in “Whatever Lola Wants?” and Ava, after a classic Hollywood icon:

Ava Gardner

I’ve been fascinated by Ava Gardner since I was a kid and still think she’s the most beautiful woman I’ve ever seen. She also had a very feline look, no? As such, the name Ava won out, and our little girl is living up to it very nicely. She’s a slinky, flirtatious diva with a talent for getting her way, and we’re her biggest fans.




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