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Jan. 11 2013

Cat Pictures And So Much More!

By Dyana Neal | Posted in Host Blogs | Comments Off on Cat Pictures And So Much More!

Today I’m (very belatedly) piggybacking on Judith’s November 27th post about e-readers. For a long time, I insisted that I would never read books on an electronic device. I love technology, but I also adore the feel, smell, and look of a printed book. As time went on, however, the idea of being able to take one small device (rather than two or three books plus a stack of magazines) on a long trip became more and more appealing. I began checking out various e-readers online and tried the display models in a few stores. The text on most looked quite good, and naturally, I started thinking “and what if I got something that can go on the internet, too?” This wasn’t too much of a leap since I’d been pondering a mini notebook or tablet for some time. I like being able to check various websites that I frequent when stuck in an airport or not currently needed during rehearsals, and while my smartphone will let me do that sort of thing, its screen is awfully small. Jim didn’t quite understand my desire for such a gadget, but he came through anyway, and my “big” gift this Christmas season was a teeny, tiny tablet.

So far, I’ve yet to read a book on my new toy – er, tablet – mainly because this month’s book club selection, Muriel Barbery’s The Elegance of the Hedgehog, was not available in an electronic format when I went to order it. I have, however, read a few magazine articles, downloaded various free apps, done quite a bit of web surfing, and created a very eclectic Pandora radio station. (Buswoman’s holiday, anyone?)

technology explained

Needless to say, the image above gave me a good chuckle when I saw it on Facebook (one of the sites I’ve made numerous visits to on my new device – it is fun to be able to lounge in bed on a weekend morning and check friends’ statuses!) I don’t think my use of my tablet is quite that frivolous – or is it? Hmm. Here’s hoping next month’s book club selection is available for e-readers. Until then, bring on the cat pics!

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