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Aug. 12 2013

Back in the Saddle

By Mark Malinowski | Posted in Host Blogs | 2 Comments

After being without the bike for a week, while it was in the shop for some spoke repair, it was good to back on 2 wheels again for the ride in to work.  It is really surprising how much I missed it.  It is a funny thing how something can become so much a part of your routine that even though it takes some effort to do it, NOT doing it leaves one feeling incomplete, for lack of a better term.

I am often asked by people, “How do you manage to get up so early?”  The fact is, when I first started working here, I asked myself the same question.  After a while, it became my routine, and I stopped thinking about it–I just did it.  It certainly didn’t happen overnight, but eventually it did.  And as it became part of my routine, I didn’t notice it.   One day, it dawned on me that I do this (getting up at a ridiculous hour) without thinking about it.  Now, when I take some time off, I don’t necessarily miss getting up that early, but I miss what I do at that time.  It’s nice to have a job you miss when you’re away.  I feel pretty lucky that WBJC is part of my routine.

Anyway, back to the bike:  It really did feel good to ride in to work, and I actually took about 3 minutes off my normal time.  Perhaps that was because there was no wind, or perhaps I was a bit charged up about having my bike back.  Either way, it was a great ride.  We’ll see how things are going home.  Tomorrow looks to be pretty rainy.  With any luck, they’ll (the weather astrologers) will get that one wrong.

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