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Jan. 19 2012

I can’t find the Listen Buttons!!

By Diana Ross | Posted in Staff Blogs, WBJC News | Comments Off on I can’t find the Listen Buttons!!

I’m hearing from many people who aren’t able to see the Listen Now part of the front page, or are having various graphic errors.

  • 1st, here are the direct streaming links to hold you over:

http://vista.streamguys.com/wbjc for Windows Media player and

http://wbjc-sc.streamguys.org/listen.pls for iTunes

  • 2nd, could you email me details about what browser/version you’re using and what operating system (Mac OS v.X, Win XP Pro SPx, Vista etc.)  dross@bccc.edu
  • 3rd, if you could attach a screen capture, that would help me understand what you are/not seeing.  Simply press the Print Screen button on your keyboard, open Paint and right-click Paste or CTRL+V then save the file.  Attach it to your email to me.

Thank you all very much for being so patient with this!  We’re working hard to get the issue resolved.  If you have any other issues, please post here, contact us through the Contact Us form, or send me a direct email.

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Diana Ross is not the famous Supremes singer, but she does have big hair. Working in both Membership and Operations departments, she does a little bit of everything, including administering this website. You can contact her at dross@bccc.edu.

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