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Oct. 13 2012

Top 5 – Halloween Candy

By Diana Ross | Posted in Staff Blogs | Comments Off on Top 5 – Halloween Candy

this is the kit my parents bought for me

I’ll fully admit it: Halloween is my favorite holiday!

To me, it’s the culmination of Fall… the leaves have changed, the air is crisp and the costume is on!  My mother used to sew my costumes from scratch and my fave for several years in a row was the devil costume complete with my face done up like Gene Simmons from KISS.  Yeah, we were a weird family… But now, I live vicariously through the kids out having a good time in their costumes. I don’t get any Trick-or-Treaters out in the sticks, so I miss out on buying gads of candy that I’m forced to finish off when the last doorbell has rung.

My favorite Halloween candies:

  1. SweetTarts – those wonderful little 3 packs, impossible to eat only one
  2. Smarties – for some reason, I must eat these is color-matched pairs
  3. plain M&Ms – again, color-matched pairs… can we say OCD?
  4. mini packs of Junior Mints – great for sneaking into movies or the operating room theater
  5. mini Snickers – just enough to really satisfy

By Don Scarborough (family photo), via Wikimedia Commons

Because I just have so little control over these demonic confections, I tend to stock up on things that I hate and won’t eat, or I have a twinge of righteousness that makes me buy healthier treats.

That house that gets avoided by ToTers serves up:

  1. Candy corn – I really hate this stuff! I remember how disappointing it was to have this land in my plastic pumpkin.  According to this article, candy corn is labeled “the fruitcake of Halloween” by Serious Eats, deservedly so
  2. licorice/Twizzlers – if I were forced to choose between licorice and candy corn, I might be able to choke licorice down
  3. Milk Duds – do they even make these anymore?? Nasty things
  4. Good’n’Plenty – sorry, candy covered licorice was only good for sucking on till you got to the licorice, then spitting out.
  5. mini raisin boxes – healthy choice, but those little mini boxes are a HIT with kids nowadays… who knew??

the most reviled candy of all

So what are your Top 5 favorite candies?  Can you name 5 you’d like to see disappear?  Post below, I’d love to see where candy corn rates.


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