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Feb. 10 2012

Cool ways to listen!

By Diana Ross | Posted in Staff Blogs | 1 Comment

I just read a comment from a listener who uses a Roku device to listen to WBJC online, and I wondered how many of you out there have found creative new ways of listening to WBJC.

I have this very same set-top device for watching Netflix or Amazon on demand via internet on my TV and I never even thought to try streaming the Beej on it!

Several of my colleagues have posted about how they consume television, and I’m probably in the group of growing ‘cable-cutters’. I do not have cable or satellite TV, and just recently picked up a digital converter box so I could watch someone resurrect Dick Clark for New Year’s Eve. Truly, I *AM* a bit of a tech geek, I once hacked my TiVo… but I’ve been off of broadcast TV for awhile. I’ve been using the Roku box for a few years now and while I might not get to see live news happening, apparently I *can* listen to WBJC on my TV.

Many of these streaming devices have apps or channels that will route the WBJC live stream to you without a computer. Internet radios are a great example of this (Roku also makes one called SoundBridge) but any device that has a service called TuneIn can be used.

Many of you have iPhones, Droids or other variation on a theme of a smartphone and are familiar with Pandora or iHeart Radio apps, but TuneIn is one that is usual free, and has carried WBJC.com’s stream for a long time. When I get home tonight (after my yarn spinning group meet) I’m going to see if I can get this newly discovered set-up going.

And yes, that’s spinning yarn on spinning wheels. I’ve never picked up WBJC on one of those though! 😉

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