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Feb. 06 2012

What a weekend!

By Dyana Neal | Posted in Host Blogs | 6 Comments

As you are probably aware, WBJC had its Winter On-Air Fund Drive last weekend. Our listeners were as generous as ever & we actually exceeded our projected financial goal for the drive, so we’re a tired, yet happy bunch this morning. Big thanks to everyone who called in a pledge – you keep the music playing!

Strange as this may sound, I enjoy on-air fundraising, but it’s pretty taxing on the voice & can leave one’s brain a bit fried. After Jonathan & I finished the last on-air shift of the drive, I went home & watched “The Supersizers Go” on Cooking Channel while I waited for Jim to get home from the theater. I was fast asleep on the couch when he arrived! He & I actually got to spend all of Sunday afternoon & evening together, which was bliss; both of us have been pretty busy lately. We ran errands in the afternoon, then had a deliciously decadent meal at Mughal Garden, followed by a showing of “The Artist” at the Charles. Despite my love of all things retro, I was a bit nervous about seeing the film because it’s gotten so much hype. I’m very pleased to say that it not only met expectations, it exceeded them, & I hope it will be rewarded when Oscar time rolls around.

When we got home, Jim began channel-surfing while I checked a website or two & came across “Burlesque” on TV. I’d heard it was a so-bad-it’s good movie a la “Showgirls”, so we thought we’d watch a few minutes of it for laughs before retiring. As it turns out, “Burlesque” is surprisingly entertaining. We ended up watching the whole movie & thus staying up far too late. The script is cheesy at times & most of the routines smack of the musical “Chicago” rather than traditional burlesque, but the dancing is fun to watch & Christina Aguilera has an impressive voice. As a former Midwesterner, I love the fact that her character, Ali, is far from naive even though she grew up in Iowa. Cher can still belt out a song, too, & it was fun to see her in a film again. (Yes, I am old enough to remember watching “The Sonny & Cher Show” & hearing her 70’s hits on the radio.) All in all, “Burlesque” is a backstage movie in the tradition of “42nd Street”, “Purple Rain”, Baz Luhrmann’s “Moulin Rouge”, & countless others. Good fun!

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