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Nov. 08 2012

Thanksgiving Dinner Has Fins At Our House

By Dyana Neal | Posted in Host Blogs | 3 Comments

Well, it had them, and perhaps a shell or two as well. Jim is an omnivore, but I’m a pescetarian, so when our first Thanksgiving as a couple drew nigh, we realized we’d have to come up with a holiday meal that would please both of our palates. Having been introduced to bouillabaisse at a wonderful (and, alas, now-defunct) New York restaurant called Le Bicyclette, I began dropping hints that the fabulous French fish stew might make a suitable feast dish. We searched the internet for recipes until we found one that looked especially yummy and could be easily adjusted for two persons, yet provide plenty of leftovers. Here’s a picture of the results from a couple of years ago:

Both of us are fans of pumpkin and cheesecake, so we decided that a pumpkin cheesecake would be a lovely, slightly non-traditional way to end the meal. We found something even better: dark chocolate pumpkin cheesecake, made from a recipe by noted chef Marcel Desaulniers. When we printed the recipe out, the pages kept coming… and coming… and coming! Even though I consider myself a pretty competent cook, I turned to Jim and said “guess who’s making this?” As an architect, he’s used to dealing with tons of complex paperwork. According to him, this dessert isn’t really that hard to make; you just bake two cheesecakes and put dark chocolate ganache all over them – yes, between the layers, too. Here’s a slice of the finished product:

What are your Thanksgiving food traditions? No matter what you’ll be eating on Thursday, November 22nd, we hope you have a wonderful holiday!

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