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Feb. 06 2012

Thank you!

By Mark Malinowski | Posted in Host Blogs | Comments Off on Thank you!

Our Winter Fundraiser ended Saturday night at 9, and in a big way.  During the three-day drive, WBJC received  over 1,000 pledges, 375 of which from NEW members, and we exceeded our overall goal for the drive.  Thank you to everyone who called in or visited our new website and made a pledge.  Thanks also to the many volunteers who came here day and night to take calls, sort pledge forms, and generally help out where possible–we certainly couldn’t do it without you.  Thanks to all the food donors who provided breakfast, lunch and dinner (and snacks in between) and made the whole experience so much more pleasant. During the drive you hear me and my colleagues on the air, but the real work goes on behind the scenes.  Yvonne Allen and Diana Ross from membership make the arrangements and schedule volunteers, and also are charged with keeping track of all the pledges, getting credit card approvals, and sending out thank you gifts.  The drive starts weeks early and ends weeks later for them.  Our Development director, Jim Ward makes arrangements with the many food (and equipment) donors, schedules when they will be here, and picks up and delivers a lot of the stuff himself.  Our Engineer, Bob Lenio, has to hook up all the phones,  set up additional computers, and the microphone link to the pledge area.  Thanks Bob, for the “cough” button in the studio!

It’s really a team effort, and even our general manager, Joe Hutchins, is actively involved during the drive as a shift leader (keeping track of pledges as they come in, entering the numbers and ensuring the announcers have totals updates) along with Yvonne and Diana.  You don’t hear them on the air, but they really are the ones who make it happen. Of course, your calls and “e-pledges” are the real stars of the show!  Thanks again for your support–the money is important, but your validation of what we do can’t be measured!

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