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Aug. 29 2012

Small world

By Judith Krummeck | Posted in Host Blogs | 2 Comments

You may have noticed that we quite frequently air performances by the French conductor, Marc Minkowski, on WBJC.

Photograph of Marc Minkowski by Peter Schnetz

He founded the group, Musicians of the Louvre, in the 1980s and  has recorded quite a substantial amount of French music with them—mostly Baroque, but also composers like Offenbach, Bizet and Berlioz.  Well, I’ve discovered that he has a cousin living in Baltimore who is an eye doctor here!  I now know this because while I was in Africa recently I unfortunately suffered a collapse of the vitreous in my left eye, and various eye doctors from Cape Town to Baltimore have been trying to help me with this.  So, while my pupils were being dilated, and I was having my eye photographed and very closely examined with a very bright light, Dr. Minkowski and I were discussing classical music.  He has made a recent discovery of recordings by the harpsichordist, Scott Ross, of the complete Domenico Scarlatti sonatas—all approximately 600 of them—each recorded on a particular instrument handpicked to suit the individual sonata.  I found that we have some of the recordings in the WBJC library, and so I am airing a selection on my air shift today.  Classical music is an endless series of discoveries!

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