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Feb. 08 2012

Let’s not do lunch

By Dyana Neal | Posted in Host Blogs | 5 Comments

Every job has its quirks. One that comes with being on the air is that as per the FCC, leaving the building during one’s show for any reason short of a fire or other disaster is not an option if yours is the name signed on the control room log.  Since I work right through the noon hour & not eating regularly makes me one cranky, spacy mezzo, I always have lunch while I’m on the air. I tend to brown-bag, or at least Bento box, on a regular basis, a good thing since doing so ensures that I’ll make healthy food choices. Well, most of the time. Those Goldman’s brownies (amazingly tasty & left over from their very generous contribution to last weekend’s fundraiser) simply will not stop calling my name.  With my An die Musik Live! cabaret show coming up next week & two diva dresses to fit into, I see some intense workouts in my future.

When friends invite me out to lunch during the week, I laughingly turn them down – “Sorry, I have a previous commitment!” If you happen to be noshing during my show, however, I guess we’re on a lunch date after all. Bon appetit!


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