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Aug. 16 2012

Just thinkin’…

By Mark Malinowski | Posted in Host Blogs | Comments Off on Just thinkin’…

I’m reading a fascinating book by Jim Holt entitled “Why Does The World Exist?” He subtitled it “An Existential Detective Story.”  Check it out–it’s a great read.  Anyway, I came across a section in the book where the author says, “I thought to myself…”

Well, I though (to myself) how many times have we heard that expression, or used that expression, “I thought to myself…” Think about it–unless you have the power to project your thoughts, who ELSE would you think to? If you wanted to share your thoughts with someone, you would say, rather than think.  But we do this all the time.  I have caught myself telling someone, “I though to myself…”

So I thought, “Why not get on a soapbox (do they still make soapboxes?) and go on a rant about that expression?  Well, I did.  So there.

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