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Dec. 17 2012

A Different Kind Of Theme Tree

By Dyana Neal | Posted in Host Blogs | 2 Comments

By some people’s standards, Jim and I don’t do a lot of decorating for Christmas. We’ve been in our house for eleven years and have yet to put holiday lights on the outside of the house, although we do hang a wreath on the front door. Inside, we have a few seasonal knick-knacks that we set out, including a vintage-reproduction ceramic Christmas tree -yes, it lights up! – and some of the most non-traditional nutcrackers (French maid, knight in shining armor, etc.) that you’ll ever set eyes on. We do, however, go all-out in one regard: the Christmas tree, which is so loaded with ornaments that I sometimes wonder if it will sink through the floor and land in the basement.

I’ve been collecting ornaments since my early teens and, with Jim’s help (and patience, ha) have amassed a stash that reflects our interests and passions – music, cats, food, fashion, working out, antiques, and travel. We’ve even managed to find a number of ornaments shaped like vintage radios!

Xmas tree - radio, uff da, etc.

This past weekend, we were discussing holiday traditions with a new friend, who, upon hearing about our  odd collection of ornaments, said “A theme tree!” I’d never thought of it that way. “Theme tree”, to me, always referred to a pine on which the ornaments are all one color, often even the same shape – hardly my style (or Jim’s, for that matter.)

Xmas tree - Mele K wreath, running shoe, etc.

After a moment, however, I realized that our friend had described our tree perfectly. It IS a theme tree, and the theme is our life together.

What are your holiday traditions, decorating or otherwise?



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