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Oct. 31 2011

10/31/11 Egos

By Mark Malinowski | Posted in Host Blogs, Toccata | Comments Off on 10/31/11 Egos

Just read a piece about a well-known pianist and a well-known conductor have parted ways, subsequently cancelling concert appearances and recordings, over the performance of a cadenza in a concerto. It seems that the pianist (Helene Grimaud) favored a cadenza for a Mozart concerto that was not written by Mozart, but by Busoni. Horowitz felt the same way about the same work. The conductor, Claudio Abbado, disagreed, and the argument ensued, with Ms Grimaud pulling out of the project. In all fairness, it was her project. She insisted that the cadenza is the prerogative or the soloist, and I think most would agree with her. Because Maestro Abbado was so insistent on using the original cadenza, and would not bend to the wishes of the soloist (who I am sure did not tell him how to conduct the orchestra), a long-term musical relationship has come to an end, and many concert-goers were denied a performance they paid for, and expected. Artistic integrity is a fine thing, but performers should never forget the people who pay them, by buying tickets, CDs, and downloads. Just thinkin’…

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