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Judith Krummeck

About Judith

Judith is WBJC's afternoon host. Her full bio can be read here.

Jul. 19 2020

July’s Mental Health Awareness Month

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  July has been designated Black and Indigenous People of Color Mental Health Awareness Month, and I spoke by phone to author and advocate, Charita Cole Brown.   Helpful websites: National Alliance on Mental Illness: www.nami.org Mental Health America: www.www.mhanational.org    

Jul. 04 2020

Booknotes investigates how the shroud of Turin came into being

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      The Shroud of Turin was originally intended as nothing more than an innocuous devotional image, but it was soon misrepresented. Miracles were faked, money was made. Former Director of the Walters Art Museum and internationally known medieval scholar, Gary Vikan, investigates one of the greatest hoaxes in the history of Christian relics in […]

Jun. 26 2020

Shriver Hall “thank you” concert with NYPhil clarinetist, Anthony McGill

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As a “Thank You” for the loyalty and support in making their recently completed 2019-20 season a success, Shriver Hall Concert Series is co-presenting the New York Philharmonic’s principal clarinetist—the orchestra’s first African-American principal player—Anthony McGill in recital. This live stream concert is at 8 pm Friday, June 26th. You can participate here.    

Jun. 25 2020

30 in 30 #25 a musician in her brother’s shadow

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Jun. 20 2020

Nurturing empathy and kindness in children

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    At a time when the country is divided, and there is a tendency to regard people who are different from ourselves with fear or suspicion, educator, Carol Franks-Randall, has published a children’s book called Talking Buddies that aims to get at these issues.    

Jun. 06 2020

Booknotes encounters the 16th century polymath, Galileo Galilei

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    In 1632, Galileo Galilei was tried by the Inquisition and found to be “vehemently suspect of heresy” for maintaining that the earth revolved around the sun. Now, Dr. Mario Livio, astrophysicist and best selling author of seven books, has just published Galileo: And the Science Deniers.          

May. 27 2020

Creative thinking in the time of Covid-19

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Our redoubtable Diana Ross, whose myriad responsibilities at WBJC include Web Administrator, sent us an email to say, “If you know of a local arts org that has transitioned to some kind of online capacity or is holding some kind of event that needs some love, PLEASE feel free to plug them on the WBJC […]

May. 02 2020

The intersection of visual art and literary art on Booknotes

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An artist book of original images, poems, and essays, with the evocative title, Flying with Remnant Wings, has been published by Goya Contemporary in conjunction with two exhibitions featuring the work of Jo Smail.   Smiles are spreading Behind my ears Below my chin I am light headed A cloud of laughter sits on my […]

May. 01 2020

Inon Barnatan makes his digital Baltimore recital debut for Shriver concerts

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In these changed times, Shriver Hall Concert Series is offering a digital recital by Israeli pianist, Inon Barnatan, who explores works of musical transformation across two centuries. Felix Mendelssohn (1809-1847) Selected ‘Songs without Words’ Ronald Stevenson (1928-2015) ‘Peter Grimes’ Fantasy on Themes from Benjamin Britten Opera George Gershwin (1898-1937) Prelude No. 2 George Gershwin (1898-1937) I […]

Apr. 26 2020

Programming music in a time of crisis

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“The music you offer us has always mattered, but right now it’s even more important.” This wonderful comment from Linda Cades is one of the many we have been receiving from WBJC listeners during the COVID-19 response. Linda was reacting, in part, to the interview I’d done with Dr. Leana Wen about the coronavirus pandemic, […]