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Jan. 02 2013

Happy New Year!

By Judith Krummeck | Posted in Host Blogs | Comments Off on Happy New Year!

I love the way we celebrate the New Year—and other festive occasions—with a happy accident. Sparkling wine came about when the wine was bottled too soon, before the fermentation process had been completed. Contrary to popular belief, the monk, Dom Perignon, didn’t invent champagne. He actually did his very best to rid “the devil’s wine” of […]

May. 29 2012

Uncorked: We’ll Drink To That!

By Dyana Neal | Posted in Host Blogs | 3 Comments

“It warms the blood, adds luster to the eyes, and wine and love have ever been allies.” – Ovid Jim & I love museums. We also enjoy wine, so when we learned that Winterthur was featuring an exhibition called “Uncorked! Wine, Objects, & Tradition”, we knew we’d have to pay a visit to Delaware. Our […]