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Drinah Hack

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About Drinah

Drinah is a spirited multimedia journalist from Baltimore, M.D. She currently is a radio personality for the women’s based online radio show RIB RADIO. She is an advocate for the disadvantaged and stands firm for women’s rights. Drinah has had the pleasure of interviewing a- listers such as VH1’s Love & Hip Hop reality star Rasheeda to MTV’s Host of “Girl get your mind right”! Tionna Smalls. Although she has a long road ahead of her Drinah’s easy-going, fun yet charming demeanor continues to reel in listeners and keep them tuned in. Her favorite motto that she lives by is “ Fake it till you make it” because she wants others to know whatever obstacles you are currently facing the key to unlock the door to your dreams is determination.

May. 16 2019

The Damien Escobar Experience

By Drinah Hack | Posted in Host Blogs | Comments Off on The Damien Escobar Experience

Damien Escobar is a world renowned violinist, author, entrepreneur, and philanthropist, hailing from Jamaica, Queens, New York. His musical career spans over a decade, and his inspiring journey of making it big, losing it all, fighting to rebuild, and getting a second chance at success is as much apart of his brand identity than being […]

Feb. 14 2019

Guest Blogger Drinah Hack

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The Two Women Behind The Strings          Margaux Whitney and Jasmin “Charly” Charles, the two women behind the classically trained string instrument duo Chargaux, haven’t known each other for a lifetime. The two met by chance less than four years ago when Charles, who was studying at the Berklee College of Music, was playing […]