Equal Employment Opportunity Public Inspection File Report:   June 1, 2020 – May 31, 2021

WBJC-FM:                      Facility ID: 3654             Baltimore, Maryland

Full Time Job Vacancies Filled by Station:

From:  June 1, 2020  to   May 31, 2021

Total number of full-time vacancies filled during the year:               1 

WBJC’s license is owned by Baltimore City Community College, which is an equal opportunity employer and encourages minorities and women to apply for job vacancies. The College and the radio station provide such opportunities to all qualified individuals without regard to race, color, religion, national origin or sex in all personnel actions including retirement, evaluation, selection, promotion, compensation and training. Organizations wishing to be notified of job openings should send their request to General Manager, WBJC, 6776 Reisterstown Road, Suite 202, Baltimore, Maryland, 21215. WBJC has hired no new full-time employees since July 16, 2001. Since that date, there have been no organizations requesting notifications of job openings.   While Baltimore City Community College’s student body is over 90% minority-based, WBJC-FM offers both on-air promotions and limited financial support to further the educational opportunities of all in the community.

EEO Initiatives:

Training Programs: WBJC offers its employees the opportunity to engage in training programs via the College and outside agencies, designed to enable station personnel to acquire skills that could qualify them for higher level positions. All employees at WBJC also completed a mandatory “Harassment Training Program” through the Corporation of Public Broadcasting.

EEO Training: Through the parent college, Baltimore City Community College, training is offered to management level personnel as to the methods of ensuring equal employment opportunity and preventing discrimination. Training is also offered to non-management level personnel to recognize, report and counter discriminatory practices.

Internships: In cooperation with Baltimore City Community College, WBJC has an internship program encouraging students and others to learn skills needed for employment in the broadcasting industry. Various on-air, technical and management skills are taught.

Station Tours: WBJC offers tours of its radio facilities to individuals as well as student and youth organizations in the area, presenting an opportunity to discuss broadcasting careers with the attendees. Tours are open to all, including women and minorities.

Scholarships: In cooperation with Baltimore City Community College, WBJC offers $1,000.00 stipend to students interested in learning skills and other aspects of the broadcasting industry. WBJC has also set aside money in the BCCC Foundation to endow an annual scholarship.

Job Training: WBJC offers certain administrative job-training, which is open to all, including seniors, women and other minorities.