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May. 10 2020

Our Deepest Gratitude – Spring “drive” wrap-up

By Diana Ross | Posted in Membership, WBJC News | Comments Off on Our Deepest Gratitude – Spring “drive” wrap-up

I want to start by saying how truly grateful all of us here at WBJC are to have such an amazing community to serve. And that’s really what this is all about… we are here to serve you great music, to keep your spirits up, to keep you connected. Hearing from all of you during this drive meant so much to all of us, and your financial support is keeping this great music going on WBJC.

To our volunteers, you were truly missed. It was a bit sad not to see you all, but we heard from many of you. Thank you! Hang in there… we hope to see you all sooner rather than later.

Okay, drumroll please…

$196,118 Spring Buyout 2020
$ 62,049   Spring Challenge Days (this is not including the $30k Challengers!)
$ 30,000 Challengers
$291,590 total total

This is not including a few days of lockbox, plus anything that got mailed in during the Challenge days. Don’t worry, those will be counted as part of the Drive and the Challenge Day they belonged to!

WOWZA!!! Great job everyone!

So to the business end of things… Yvonne and I are still teleworking and spending a day or two in-office at odd times. Additionally, we do not have our office interns or volunteers. Premiums, paper acknowledgements, Day Sponsor forms and such are going to come to you slowly. Thank you in advance for your patience and understanding.

Again, all of our gratitude. we truly couldn’t do what we do without YOU.

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Diana Ross is not the famous Supremes singer, but she does have big hair. Working in both Membership and Operations departments, she does a little bit of everything, including administering this website. You can contact her at dross@bccc.edu.

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