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Apr. 18 2019

Thursday 04/18/19 Deutsche Welle Festival Concerts

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11:00 PM

Locations: Augustusburg Castle, Brühl (1-3,6-8)
Performed by: Concerto Köln
Conductor: Markus Hoffmann (1-3,6-8)
Soloists: Anna Torge, mandolin (2,5,7)

Host: Rick Fulker

Part One:
(1) HAYDN: Symphony No. 34 in D Minor (17:26)
(2) KAUSCHLITZ: Concerto in D Major for mandolin and strings (10:30)
(3) HAYDN: Symphony No. 26 in D Minor (Lamentatione) (11:48)
(4) CORELLI: Concerto Grosso in G Minor, opus 6, Number 8, movements 3-6 * (09:56)
Part Two:
(5) VIVALDI: Concerto in D Major for mandolin, two violins, strings and continuo, F XII,15 (10:36)
(6) HAYDN: Overture to the opera “Acide e Galatea,” Hob. Ia:5 (06:38)
(7) HOFFMANN: Concerto in D Major for mandolin, strings, two oboes and two horns (16:48)
(8) HAYDN: Symphony No. 49 in F Minor (La Passione) (19:44)


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