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Sep. 14 2019

9-14-19 Music In Maryland BCO Morgan!

By Jonathan Palevsky | Posted in Host Blogs, Music In Maryland | Comments Off on 9-14-19 Music In Maryland BCO Morgan!

This week we have two live performances with the Baltimore Chamber Orchestra.  1)Mozart’s third violin concerto featuring their new concert master Audrey Wright.  2)Prokofiev’s Symphony No.  1 ‘Classical’.  Both performances were recorded at Goucher College’s Kraushaar Auditorium.

We also featured the Nunes Garcia Requiem recorded in the 1970’s with their then music director Nathan Carter.  This recording was part of the iconic 70’s Black Composers Series which has finally been re-issued.

We also featured a vintage BSO recording of the Bernstein Serenade with violinist Hillary Hahn and the BSO conducted by David Zinman.  Meanwhile the BSO players played a concert at New Shilo Baptist Church Saturday afternoon conducted by their music director Marin Alsop.  The BSO did not play their first actual Baltimore Symphony Concert scheduled for Saturday night.  That concert has been postponed for a week though there is no indication so far that this performance will take place.  The movie with live music concerts of 9/19 – 21 are also postponed due to the orchestra being on strike.

Play Report

PLAY DATE: Sat, 09/14/2019
6:25 PM 51514
Jose M.N. Garcia Requiem Mass CBS/Sony 62152
COND Paul Freeman
ORCH Helsinki Philharmonic
SOLO Doralene Davis, soprano
SOLO Betty Allen, mezzo soprano
SOLO William Brown, tenor
SOLO Matti Tuloisela, bass
SOLO Morgan State College Choir
35:43 C 5 1-8
7:30 PM 7773
Leonard Bernstein Serenade (after Plato’s “Symposium”) forCBS/Sony 60584
COND David Zinman David ZIHN mihn
ORCH Baltimore Symphony Orchestra
SOLO Hilary Hahn, violin
30:31 C 1 4-8

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