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Jul. 23 2019

8-5-19 Word on Wine. Nagler and Fess Parker!

By Jonathan Palevsky | Posted in Host Blogs | Comments Off on 8-5-19 Word on Wine. Nagler and Fess Parker!

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I was at Gertrude’s with friends recently and ordered the Schumann Nagler Riesling.  As a classical music fan, I liked the fact that it had the name Schumann on it and the nail (or nagel auf Deutsch) on the label was charming.  I liked the wine enough to call my local wine merchant and order a case.  Thanks Gertrude’s as always.  BTW They have a nice intimate bar and great bartenders!  While picking up the case of Riesling I went shopping and picked up more than a few things…I have a close friend in Santa Barbara and a soft spot for a beautiful place I have only visited once.  The wine brought back lots of memories.

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