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Aug. 24 2018

Toccata listings 8/26/18

By Mark Malinowski | Posted in Host Blogs, Toccata | 1 Comment

On tonight’s program, piano music from Denmark, music for the concertina, and a major piano and orchestra work from Russia.  Thanks for listening, and enjoy!


6:00 PM 22810
Carl Nielsen Theme with Variations Op 40 Gasparo 268
SOLO Enid Katahn, piano
15:23 C 1 1-1
6:18 PM 31173
Giulio Regondi Remembrance Bridge 9055
SOLO Douglas Rogers,concertina
13:41 C 1 7-7
6:35 PM 36858
Aram Khachaturian Concert Rhapsody for Piano and Orchestra Naxos 8550799
COND Dmitri Yablonsky
ORCH Moscow Symphony Orchestra
SOLO Oxana Yablonskaya,piano
24:23 C 1 4-4

Mark Malinowski


Mark is WBJC's morning host. His full bio can be read here.

One Response to Toccata listings 8/26/18

  • Nick Brand says:

    Hi Mark, I grew up playing a pedal harmonium (we moved a lot, and it helped keep us within the shipping allowance), and have always sort of enjoyed that reedy sound. Your concertina piece was fun to listen to with that background.

    I’ve got a CD buried somewhere with an accordian and ??, that you might enjoy if you can locate a copy – Duo Hodina Reiser – Viennese dances and marches — on the edges of classical, wonderful shifts of tempo and that old reedy sound. Short pieces, too, that might fill a hole in a morning program…

    Cheers, Nick Brand

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