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Jul. 31 2018

Student Composer of the Month – August 2018: A Call for Composers

By John Scherch | Posted in Host Blogs, New Music, Student Composer of the Month | Comments Off on Student Composer of the Month – August 2018: A Call for Composers

Hello, friends!

Normally around this time, you’d be seeing a clip on our site featuring a talk with a composer in the Baltimore area who studies or has recently studied in the area, and who also usually has some other interesting things going on in their career. Instead of clamoring to find another composer who’s able to drop by the studio for an hour in time for August 1, I figured it might be nice to remind you of who we’ve talked with so far (all of whom can be found in the Student Composer of the Month tag above), and to let composers and professors of composition know that I am seeking more composers to talk with on this podcast, simply to give a little more visibility to a field that doesn’t always get the attention it deserves. There’s no rigorous process to speak of–all I need is a reference from a teacher or a colleague, and I’d prefer if we could have a recording to play and talk about (minimum MP3 320 quality, preferably lossless i.e. WAV or AIFF). Send me an email at jscherch@wbjc.com if you’d like to come on the podcast!

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