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Oct. 11 2018

Student Composer of the Month – October 2018: Quinn Dizon

Welcome to Student Composer of the Month, where we talk with a composer each month that is currently studying or has recently studied in the greater Baltimore area. This month’s composer is Quinn Dizon, our first composer not associated with Peabody Conservatory. He has been commissioned by various soloists and large ensembles to write works for a myriad of occasions and special events. He holds degrees in composition and conducting from The College of Wooster and The University of Louisville, and is a current Flagship Fellow at the University of Maryland. He has worked recently as a conductor and a music educator, and is an advocate for the performance of new music.

Part 1:

Part 2:

Part 3:

You can listen along, with or without our commentary on the piece, on this page of Quinn’s website.

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The newest announcer and WBJC's evening and Listener's Choice host, a former heavy metal program director and erstwhile enthusiast, and Peabody graduate in voice and pedagogy, both of which he still practices. Full bio here.

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