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Jun. 01 2017

Word On Wine…Our First Anniversary! And What We Drank!

By Jonathan Palevsky | Posted in Host Blogs, Word on Wine | 1 Comment

This week Mary and I are joined by Kati Harrison who, in addition to being WBJC’s Operations Director, also happens to be my wife…and I happen to be her husband!  We figured that since I proposed on air a year ago in February (during a fundraiser) and we celebrated our real anniversary on 5/18 fundraising, (Thanks to everyone who pledged and to John Dahne and his wife for the amazing Carrot Cake!) we would share our first anniversary with Mary and the audience!  We went to the Prime Rib which is a place where we like to celebrate and sat at the bar.  Kati ordered a Manhattan, her favorite cocktail…

I wanted to try the Belvedere Frozen Rye for the first time and figured if any place could do it, the bar at the Prime Rib would be the place.  I found the recipe on line showed it to the bartender and voila…it was fabulous!

Here is the recipe!  (courtesy of Forgotten Maryland Cocktails by Gregory Priebe and Nicole Priebe)

The Belvedere Frozen Rye

Juice of a half lime

Few dashes orange juice

Few dashes pineapple syrup

Few dashes orange Curacao

Balance rye whiskey

Put slice of orange and slice of pineapple in a large champagne glass, allowing them to stick out beyond top of glass. Fill glass with fine ice and pour drink over it, with cherry on top. Serve with straw.

(Thanks to the Baltimore Sun!)

Our wine for dinner was from  Crozes Hermitage and was totally yummy.  Tons of Pie Cherry and full of soft drinkable tannins.  We both loved it.

Perrin is one of Kati’s family names so I always order anything with Perrin on the lable!

Here’s our show…Enjoy and thanks for letting us share.

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