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Feb. 26 2017

Music From Movies 2-26-17

By Kati Harrison | Posted in Host Blogs, Music From Movies | 2 Comments

7:00 PM
Jerome Moross                 The Big Country: Music from the Film    Silva      5006
COND Tony Bremner
ORCH Philharmonia Orchestra

7:04 PM
Maurice Jarre                 Red Sun: Suite                          Silva      1061
COND Paul Bateman
ORCH City of Prague Philharmonic
7:16 PM
Ennio Morricone             Once Upon a Time in the West: Selections   RCA/BMG    60706
COND Henry Mancini                                     
ORCH Mancini Pops Orchestra

7:27 PM
Dmitri Tiomkin                High Noon                               RCA/BMG    61666
COND Arthur Fiedler
ORCH Boston Pops Orchestra

7:31 PM
Alfred Newman                 How The West Was Won                    Telarc     80141
COND Erich Kunzel
ORCH Cincinnati Pops Orchestra

7:39 PM
Jerry Fielding                The Wild Bunch: Train Montage           Silva      5006
COND Nic Raine
ORCH City of Prague Philharmonic

7:47 PM
Elmer Bernstein               The Magnificent Seven: Main Theme       Telarc     80141
COND Erich Kunzel
ORCH Cincinnati Pops Orchestra

7:54 PM
John Barry                    Dances With Wolves: Suite from the Film Epic       66401
COND John Barry
ORCH Royal Philharmonic Orchestra

Kati Harrison


Kati is WBJC's Operations Director and weekend host. Her full bio can be read here.

2 Responses to Music From Movies 2-26-17

  • Julian Levy says:


    I meant to write last Sunday, but was ready for a trip to NYC to see my daughter-in-law in her official Off-Broadway debut (in “Villa”). I LOOOOOOVED your western-themed program. Great stuff. One comment: I thought Maurice Jarre pronounced his last name as “Yarr.” Am I wrong?

    Thanks–and please keep up the good work!


    • Kati Harrison
      Kati Harrison says:

      Hi Julian,

      Glad you enjoyed the western flavored Music from Movies! Congratulations to you daughter-in-law! Jean-Michel Jarre is French, and his name is pronounced, “Zhar.” The J n Jarre is soft.

      Thanks for listening!


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