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Jun. 24 2017

6-24-17 word on wine Rosé Proliferation!

By Jonathan Palevsky | Posted in Host Blogs, Word on Wine | Comments Off on 6-24-17 word on wine Rosé Proliferation!

Many years ago I recall buying a bunch of rosé wines at a local shop and a fellow patron commented, “you like sweet stuff eh?”  Actually I do like sweet stuff but every bottle I was buying was dry as a bone…as most rosé is.  In past years our choices for rosé wines were rather limited…these days they are taking over the wine store!  (A bit of an exaggeration but not unwarranted.)  Mary and I talk about the proliferation of these wines and how they just seem to get better and better.

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Jonathan is WBJC's Program Director and host of many WBJC programs. His full bio can be read here.

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