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Jul. 27 2012

What’s My Line?

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No, really, what is it? It was in my head when I walked into rehearsal. So was the one before it, the one after it, the one… you get the idea. Where did they go? As you may have guessed, I’m doing a show this summer. For years, I did mostly opera chorus & musical […]

Jun. 11 2012

The Problematic Shrew

By Judith Krummeck | Posted in Host Blogs | 2 Comments

The Taming of the Shrew is such a problematic play, isn’t it?  It feels almost sacrilegious to say that I dislike a Shakespeare play but I really do dislike this one.  It’s true that we often have to suspend belief for a Shakespeare play and have to approach it bearing in mind the context in […]

Apr. 12 2012

Morning, Noon, and Moonlight with Robertson Davies

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A truly great book should be read in youth, again in maturity and once more in old age, as a fine building should be seen by morning light, at noon and by moonlight.   The marvelous quote above is from Canadian author, playwright, critic, journalist, & professor Robertson Davies, one of my all-time favorite authors. […]

Feb. 27 2012

Flying with Twyla

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Twyla Tharp – for a start, isn’t that a wonderful name to conjure with?  (Her parents clearly had a vivid imagination—her younger sister’s name is Twanette.)  I’ve known of Twyla Tharp’s work, peripherally, for years, and loosely associated her with Martha Graham, Merce Cunningham, Paul Taylor—that style and period of choreographers—but I had never seen […]

Feb. 24 2012

Opera on-screen!

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While skimming friends’ Facebook posts this morning, I came across a few comments relating to Placido Domingo & Stephen Colbert having sung Verdi’s La Donna e Mobile on last night’s “Colbert Report.” Having missed the broadcast, I immediately Googled the performance & was delighted with the video I found. Both men sound great & look […]

Feb. 08 2012

Let’s not do lunch

By Dyana Neal | Posted in Host Blogs | 5 Comments

Every job has its quirks. One that comes with being on the air is that as per the FCC, leaving the building during one’s show for any reason short of a fire or other disaster is not an option if yours is the name signed on the control room log.  Since I work right through […]

Feb. 06 2012

What a weekend!

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As you are probably aware, WBJC had its Winter On-Air Fund Drive last weekend. Our listeners were as generous as ever & we actually exceeded our projected financial goal for the drive, so we’re a tired, yet happy bunch this morning. Big thanks to everyone who called in a pledge – you keep the music […]

Jan. 30 2012

The Gaming Table

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Restoration comedy—the stuff of sexual innuendo and other extravagances following the reopening of the London theatres by Charles II—is most famously represented by writers like John Dryden and William Congreve.  (I once played the silly, awkward, country girl, Miss Prue, in Congreve’s Love for Love when I was a drama student – imagine that!) But, […]

Jan. 13 2012

A Shameless Plug for my Next Cabaret Show

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    Valentine’s Day is coming, whether you like it or not. Personally, I’ve always been a big fan of V-day, even in college, when artsy student types like myself were expected to shun it as a “Hallmark holiday” & pretend to be far too intellectual to exchange cards & chocolates on February 14th. I’m […]

Nov. 23 2011

“…deep down in their private lives”

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I sometimes wonder if a musician feels inhibited by great performers that have gone before. If a cellist, say, is learning Bach’s cello suites for the first time, would they listen to Pierre Fournier or Yo-Yo Ma for inspiration, or would they just try to interpret the music strictly from the notes they read on […]